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Do you suffer with any of the following symptoms: skin rashes, skin sensitivity, mouth ulcers or canker sores, irritated or sore eyes?

If you have any one of these symptoms or similar then it may well be worth taking a look at the ingredients of the products that you either apply to your skin, brush on your teeth, rinse out your mouth or come into contact with such as washing powders or cleaning products, etc.

There is an ingredient that is often made out of coconut and palm oils and is added to many every day substances because it is inexpensive.

It is usually known by the following names:

Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS or NaDS), sodium laurilsulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) but may be listed as any of the following names - Sodium monododecyl sulfate; Sodium lauryl sulfate; Sodium monolauryl sulfate; Sodium dodecanesulfate; Sodium coco-sulfate; dodecyl alcohol, hydrogen sulfate, sodium salt; n-dodecyl sulfate sodium; Sulfuric acid monododecyl ester sodium salt.

In toothpaste it may be used to temporarliy diminish the sweetness. It is added to aspirin to make the dispersible version.

Allegedly not everyone is affected by this product but it is known to increase the length that mouth ulcers last, cause recurrence of mouth ulcers when added to toothpaste, to irritate skin especially in young adults, worsen skin problems especially in people suffering with dermititis - and on animals, causes eye irritations and skin irritations.

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Thanks for this info Im going to check those ingredients now!


No but I do get regular cold sores.


i have to be very careful with my toothpastes-- my dental hygienist is very good and gives me free samples to try but I find that I need to rotate the pastes --and I NEVER use the bicarb containing ones OR the rinses which contain alcohol---I have read somewhere about these chemicals you mentioned and the trouble they cause

I also have trouble with vegetable oil which makes my lips swell and tingle.


The following site has further informaiton:



I recommend Green People products (shower gel, toothpaste etc) as they co not contain SLS etc. They also do a fragrance free products and sample products.

Organic Skin Care & Natural Beauty Products | Green


Thank you so much for this ... I see that they also do gluten free toothpaste, etc .. couldn't see the link so hope you don't mind will put it in again for others to check out too!


i have to be careful with everything only use faith in nature products they seem to be okay


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