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How many on this forum who have celiac/gluten intolerance also have anxiety/depression


Have you heard of others on here with anxiety/depression? Thanks🙏🙂

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Hi Slushy47

The topic has come up before, this is one post I found.

You may find it tricky to get people to disclose that due to sensitivities around disclosing MH. It is something that does seem to have a link and there are lots of info sources out there that mention anxiety/depression as an aspect of coeliac (untreated/badly treated). It can potentially be looked at from a number of angles, e.g. if you have coeliac that is undiagnosed/untreated you are going to be impacted by pain/bad health/frustration of finding answers, so that will impact on wellbeing/MH. The vitamin deprivation that comes from untreated coeliac will also effect mood/anxiety (b vitamins, general low health). Coeliac also causes inflammation in the body and inflammation is linked to depression/mood issues. Personally I do believe anxiety attacks I had many years ago were linked to undiagnosed coeliac and poor vitamin b levels. Once my diet was sorted, the issue subsided.

I agree with everything. Thanks for sharing. Its said that celiac is undiagnosed 90% of the time. It's most likely that those with mental health/celiac are put on an antidepressant before celiac is ever mentioned. Same thing with thyroid disease which occurs often with celiac. I have been diagnosed with thyroid disease but I dont have a celiac diagnosis. My vitamin levels test pretty well. Except I did have low b12 not too long ago.

I've met two celiacs in the last month on the anxiety/depression support forum and they had no idea celiac could cause mental health issues.

That's interesting. I think there are a lot of symptoms/side effects of coeliac that don't get proper focus. To be fair, if coeliac is managed, repair of physical health will happen, and vis a vis, mental health. Sometimes this needs some extra vitamins, etc.

Yes celiacs and gluten sensitive people can have these issues. Are you and your mum both celiac? If so, how long since you've been diagnosed? Your anxiety could be linked to puberty but it shouldn't be overwhelming.

Thanks very much for sharing. Did you feel any better going gluten free for that short time? It can take a short time or long time to feel better. Did you know that celiac /gluten sensitivity is linked to anxiety/depression and panic attacks? Theres a lot of people at the forum that made posts about having anxiety/depression. How long has your mum been depressed for?

I understand. I've been learning about it for the past few years.They say that 90% of people who have it are undiagnosed. There is a very wide range of symptoms. Some people with celiac have intestinal issues and some dont. Some people only have depression/anxiety as a symptom and are likely to be put onto antidepressants before they ever get tested for celiac. Feel free to ask me anything if you want to.

Well my worst symptoms are anxiety/depression. I've struggled with that ever since around your age. I'm 28 now. I also had stomach issues when I was a kid. I remember having very sharp stomach pains. I've always had canker sores. I have thyroid disease. I used to have nightmares every night growing up. I also had bladder/bowel control issues growing up(embarrassing). Some tooth enamel issues. Bad acne during teens. Yea I'm tons of fun lol

Sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough time. If you are going to have further tests for coeliac disease you must keep eating some gluten every day.

Look at the Coeliac U.K. website and the NHS for accurate information.

Wow that is pretty similar🤔

I was a bed wetter until about 14. It really sucks. Well hopefully you go gluten free and dont have to deal with all the problems I went through🙂. My life was a nightmare. I'm in a much better place now though. Omg I can so relate to the coffee shop scenario too. Like just ordering a sandwich or talking on the phone and I would break into sweat and start getting all trembly. I was a self conscious paranoid mess. Even the most basic things were challenging.

Well I was put on antidepressants eventually about 8 years ago. They kind of worked but they worked very slowly. Like I would feel a little better every 5 months or so. About a year ago I ended up in the ER. That's when I learned I had thyroid disease. Once I started taking meds for that my mood was 1000 times better. So I would keep an eye on your thyroid for sure.

Hello IamWearyLetmeRest a lot of people are suffering with anxiety because of COVID19.

HU have a community PWB for those who are self shielding please see:

Also the Anxiety and Depression community :

So please feel free to join and I’m a disguised coeliac.


Thank you. I'm on the anxiety/depression forum already. You have anxiety/depression too?

Hi there, a lot of people are struggling with the lockdown and I help on PWB I don’t suffer with anxiety but have had to deal with issues that I never thought would cross my radar before the pandemic. So you’d get lots of support on PWB.

I have anxiety/depression features & have been following a gluten free meal plan for well over a year now. I believe my symptoms began when young like user0827 above. My symptoms were chalked up to pre menstrual syndrome at that time.

I remember going to a academic talk then on a pre menstrual syndrome study. Study candidates were rated on a one to four scale. Anyone with severe 4 symptoms were excluded from their study, because they had so many problems they were incapable of completing the study. I wonder it that exclusion is ever the case in gluten related studies too. Do the worst off ever get dropped off studies ...

That is a great point. 1 to 4 is such a small rating scale. I hope they at least mentioned the amount of people who were excluded. Do you have celiac or gluten sensitivity?

I understand everything you said. I could've written it myself. I eventually would just try to avoid everyone. I somehow still managed to play on sports teams in school and I was so nervous all the time. I'm so happy you are learning about celiac at an early age. This could really save you from a lot of suffering.

It's called hypothyroidism. Your thyroid makes important hormones that basically control how fast things work in your body. Mine is damaged so everything moved slower in my body. So that's why my antidepressant didn't really work well because my thyroid was damaged. That's why it was working so slow. When I added more thyroid hormone everything sped up to normal and made everything work more effectively.

My parents never understood. My mom thought I was just lazy. They didnt realize that doing anything was such a burden for me. Job interviews were the worst. So nerve wrecking. My parents didnt take me serious until I had a drug overdose. It's sad but it's the truth.

Thank you very much too🙂.I dont have a celiac diagnosis. I got tested once but my doctor didnt warn me I had to still be eating gluten before the test. I felt better gluten free so I decided to not go back. I would say if you test positive or negative I'd give gluten up anyway. It's not good for you. Just read as much as you can about celiac because it is a serious disease. If left untreated it can lead to serious health problems. Try to learn from other celiacs as much as you can. Dont depend on your doctor to give you all the information. A lot of them dont know a lot about celiac. Dairy and soy also seem to bother a lot of celiacs. You might have to give those up for a while. Some dont feel better until they give up all grains.

Feel free to message me whenever 🙏🙂

I have Hashimoto’s with absorption issues, but have never undergone a proper celiac work-up (Only because it was a major out of pocket expense at the time I inquired).

" step douche" haha. I've never heard that one, I like it. A lot of people are just ignorant about this disease so it's good to just know everything about it so you know what you're up against. Vitamin deficiencies are very common with celiac also if you havent had those tested. B12, folate, magnesium and other deficiencies are known to cause anxiety/depression.

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