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How long to get over being “gluted”!!!


I have been gluten and dairy intolerant for about 4 years but become fully gluten free about a year ago as symtons got worse. I been totally clean now a year BUT went on holiday and was gluted and was quite sick for three days.

What i want to know is it keeps flareing up even though im eating no gluten again , it been 6 weeks and it feels like everytime i eat i get abit indigestiony and windy now?

So how long does it take to get over the poisoning of it... as this is first time it has happened. When will my system settle and it be out my body

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Six weeks is a long time for a “ glutening” to be having an effect. You could try keeping a food diary to see if you can identify another food/drink trigger.

Try something like peppermint or ginger tea to see if that will settle your stomach.


Thaku i just wanted to know if it normal or am i just needing to look elsewhere?

Someone told me 6 weeks


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