Considering taking some Lifeplan Emperor Ginseng for a boost but the packaging does not clearly state it is GF. Anybody know?

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  • Perhaps you could e-mail the manufacturers?

  • Hi there, as Penel says if in doubt ask the manufacturer and here's a link that claims it is gluten free:

    Why they can't put this on the packaging as they put no salt or sugar but any ingredients that are known allergens have to be highlighted in the ingredients list.

  • It really annoys me when supplements don't write this on the packaging - I mean why wouldn't you? Probably because they haven't tested them? Probably because there is doubt? Yeah, it's the latter one that bothers me, so I make sure the labelling does say it. If they can say it's suitable for vegans then come on! As far as I know, nobody got ill eating flesh!