Sudden onset diarrhea ttg ifs over 100

I'm new here and scared. My daughter had been sick, seemingly with a virus or parasite. She had diarrhea for 2 weeks. Her ttg iga is over 100. I'm waiting on a consult with a gi doctor for next steps.

I was wondering if anyone else's children or themselves has had an episode of diarrhea all of a sudden and it turned out to be celiac? She seems back to normal now. Her diarrhea has stopped as suddenly as it started.

Thanks for any advice or help.

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  • They often say with Coeliacs disease, there is often a trigger which sets it off ie a virus or something. High ttga score but interesting that it has now stopped and I assume she is still eating gluten. Will be interesting to see whether they do an endoscopy for her & if they do, if she is nervous, they can knock her out completely for a few minutes. In any event, would build her up with lots of probiotics , VSL are very good and available via her GP & take lots of vit c & then wait to see what her consultant says. Keep us posted.

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