Problems when eating gluten


I am part of the Thyroid UK forum and I think I have been getting problems when eating gluten. I had 2 coeliac screens done a few days into the gluten challenge and they came back negative but if I eat more gluten over a period of a few weeks I get an increase of diarrhoea and smelly stools and trapped wind. Should I be asking for a repeat Coeliac screen and do the gluten challenge all over again? Thank you in advance for comments.

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  • The recommended length of time to be eating gluten before testing is 6 weeks, so it may be worth asking for another test if you can do this.

    It is also possible that you may have non-Coeliac gluten sensitivity, which means that you will not test positive but will still need to cut gluten out of your diet.

    Perhaps check out Coeliac U.K. if you need more information.

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