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Cut backs

I was diagonosed celiac about 3 months ago. From various things I have read close family members should be tested as they are more likely to have it too. My son has joint pains but the doctor will not test for it unless he is presenting other symptoms...has anyone else come across this. In the area I live they have also cut gluten free food on prescription.

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Yh. Due to cut backs my pg will only run basic tests and mostly just uses a gluten free diet as a test for gluten intolerance and does little more then that. And won't test my kids unless they're underweight (they're only just in their weight brackets). Cuts equal unclear diagonsis and or lack of proper testing.

I'm glad my symptoms are better now I'm off gluten. But a clear diagnosis would mean less testing and less chance of expensive problems in the future. But such are the times.



You could try showing you doctor this (if you're based in the UK): it's a link for the NICE Coeliac guidelines (NG20), which were updated in 2015.

Hope it helps.


Thanks thats really helpful. You really seem to have to push for testing at present and it does help to have the professional guidance to back it up. Thanks for this.


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