Urrggghhh (just a moan)

ok, so I was probably feeling just a little bit TOO smug and pleased with myself. 2 weeks after diagnosis and i honestly couldn't believe how much better I have been - my mornings have been transformed (and after decades of it, this has been just amazing).

So, obviously, something got me :( and I can barely step away from the loo this morning. I realise no one can answer this but honestly I can't believe i could be any more careful - everything whole food, nothing ready made, all cooked at home, zero chance (i think) of cross-contamination. The only thing I can think is that I handed out gluten-laden goodies at a kids birthday party 2 days ago (and washed my hands immediately afterwards). But surely...

Anyway, just a loud, online, MOAN (as my poor husband and child never mind the dog are probably sick of it :D )

Thanks for listening, feel free to ignore :D


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  • Oh lol - you poor thing!

    You so have my sympathies.

    If it helps you to know this, I did once have a conversation with a Coeliac who made normal mince pies one Christmas for her family. She was careful to eat none and to clean up properly - but was still ill for several days afterwards.

    I guess you just have to chalk it up to experience...

  • Honestly you have to laugh - I just went into the kitchen to find the (entirely uncontrollable) cat leaping from work surface to work surface... We have made the kitchen GF apart from one small area which I go nowhere near. However, I may have found one possible cause of CC :D

    Thanks RB X

  • Oh dear!

    Hope you're remembering to wash your hands after feeding said cat - cat food contains cereals.

    However I made an interesting discovery the other day. Butchers classic tinned cat food says that it is gluten free - guess what my cat is going to be eating more of in future. 😜 (Not that she's complaining - she normally gets given a supermarket own brand!)

  • When I looked after the grandchildrens dog I always fed it gf food. Animals lick everything and transfer a fine layer of gluten to surfaces including people. Glad the diet change has helped so clearly. I also can't even attend standard gluten laden social events as I get ill from airborne gluten. People eat and talk and spray a fine mist.......

  • apparently their dog food is gf too :) I can feel a brand change coming on ;) . Tho is it wrong that I laughed at myself googling "gluten free dog food"?

    Oh and yes, I do always wash my hands after feeding the cat - but only because the stuff is so disgusting - hadn't crossed my mind about any gluten content... thanks again RB :)

  • I know how you feel. I have recently somehow been Glutened I have DH and I am covered blisters .😅

  • Oh you poor thing. My guts are still awful 2 days on (I was naively hoping a day would sort it out...). I suspect I have a lot to learn. Wishing you a swift recovery x

  • Hope you feel better soon

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