Low serum triglycerides and LDL cholesterol

Hi, new here. This maybe a silly question as perhaps everyone with Coeliacs has low triglycerides/LDL prior to starting treatment,but I'm curious to know if anyone here has/had low Triglcerides and LDL and another autoimmune disease as well as Coeliacs I read an article which suggested that low (ie below the normal range, not just healthy low) Triglycerides and LDL Cholesterol was more prevalent in people with other auto immune diseases, not just Coeliac disease. Mine are both below normal range, and while I may have an intolerance to wheat I don't believe I have Coeliac disease as I don't get the abdominal/bowel symptoms.Thank you for any information.

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  • Hi, im recently diagnosed and a blood test comparison between before and after show me to have a very minor fall in numbers since. But i was over their threshold beforehand.

    I also had no real consistant symptoms to diagnose with. my consult was going to label and discharge me with ibs, but carried out bloods which led them to confirm coeliac with biopsy. I have been labled as a silent coeliac because of this.

  • Hi Lisahelen. Interesting as I was told years ago I had IBS and do occasioanlly have erratic bowels(!) but nothing major like some people with Coeliac experience, Never had any investigations despite a family history of Bowel Ca, Ulcerative colitis and Diverticular Disease( maternal Grandafther, Maternal Uncle and Mother). So are your LDL and Triglycerides below normal now?

    Anyone else with coeliac disease out there had below normalTriglycerides and LDL cholesterol?

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