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Gluten Free Pineapple Pizza STOLEN!

Wow! Where should I start? I went on vacation recently to visit my family and while I was at one of their homes, in the hotel I was staying in (Fairfield Marriott in Beachwood, Ohio), one (or two) Housekeepers went and stole my pineapple gluten free pizza and some yogurts and an apple that I had been saving for in case of emergencies and lunches on the road. I have NEVER heard of anything like this happening in any hotel in my entire life! The Housekeepers who had done this should be ashamed of themselves and I hope the Supervisors had a nice talk with these women. I don't care if she/they may have been homeless or not, my rule is this: If you have issues that are making you hungry (poor and not any food), you have a choice to tell your boss, or get a second or third job and try to make ends meet. You should NEVER STEAL FROM CUSTOMERS-- ESPECIALLY IF THEY AREN'T IN THE ROOM TO BE ASKED IF YOU CAN HAVE WHATEVER YOU NEED FIRST! I never want to go back to that hotel. The only good thing about that hotel is the breakfast buffet each morning.

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Is this post a joke?

Although I can understand why you are annoyed, I would think that if you can afford to go on holiday and stay in a hotel then you can afford to buy another pizza. Your reaction seems to be completely over the top...


NOT a joke! But, it is VERY ODD having this happen. Wouldn't you agree?


Perhaps housekeeping thought your room had been, or was about to be, vacated and they were preparing it for a new customer.

Perhaps housekeeping are paid so badly they were tempted to grab your pizza because they were hungry.

I'm sure thefts from hotel rooms are quite common, so no, I don't think it is very odd at all.


Maybe. Thanks!

Happy New Year!


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