Hi all,

I seem to be having issues finding regular dried red split lentils, Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons all stock lentils (which are naturally gluten free) but all of them come with an allergy warning that they may contain wheat (being coeliac I obviously can't have wheat!).

Does anyone know if any of these are safe or where I can get non-contaminated lentils from?


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  • I buy multi packs (4) of Bob's Red Mill GF Oat Bran to make muffins with and I see you can also buy Bob's Red Mill red lentils - uk.evitamins.com/bobs-red-m... - this looks a similar arrangement. I get mine from Amazon but I couldn't find lentils on Amazon.


  • Hi there, Suma organic red lentils are gf, as well as many other Suma products and I buy them in my local whole food shop,

    And they are available from Amazon UK,


    It's very off putting when the lablel says may contain wheat, prods my paranoia button...

  • Isn't it? You even see it on chocolate bars sometimes.

  • That's because the production line isn't cleaned down between products like Kit Kat and a solo chocolate product. An employee told me.

  • I don't know if it makes a difference but whatever dried and tinned pulses and beans I buy I rinse and rinse and rinse before I used them - I know it's not very ecological and a bit of a waste of water, but...

  • Thank you, I hadn't thought of that!

    That seems to work, you don't get sick after washing them?

  • To be honest, I find it hard to pinpoint exactly what sets off my reactions sometimes, and if I've been out for a meal or to a friend's house for a meal it can take up to 3 or 4 weeks before I'm fully 'right' again... and in the meantime I may inadvertently be eating something else which prolongs the reaction... It's frustrating :(. It may be worth trying it for yourself, to see if it lessens or removes the reaction? Sorry I can't be more definitive than that! :) Good luck!

  • If you are coeliac you shouldn't wash products to eliminate gluten. It wouldn't be considered a safe practise. After all, we're told to chuck old pots and pans away after diagnosis (or use wooden spoons that previously were used for gluten foods - and presumably they'd be clean ...., apparently not.)

  • It worked! Thank you!!! If only it would work for things like crisps....

  • Glad to hear it! I don't have lentils very often, but when I do, I always rinse them thoroughly under running water... similarly, any tinned beans or pulses I use get the same treatment. Just glad to hear you didn't suffer any reaction :)

  • We all know lentils are GF but it is probably the retailer covering their arse. If they have been packed in a factory that also produces items containing gluten the risk of contamination is very small. Anyway, why don't you just wash them before you use them?

  • I did and it was totally fine, thank you for the advice I was nervous to try it before but it worked so thank you!

  • Yes we have noticed this too and it is worded in such a way to make you concerned. I will be interested in your replies.x

  • I think the way lentils are grown is the reason for the warning. For instance, in India they are grown in rotation/alternate years to wheat, so there could be wheat in the harvest.

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