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Advice please

I have hashimotos and have been eating gluten free 100% for 3 weeks,last week I mistakenly ate a ordinary lasagne and suffered for it, I've asked my doctor to refer me for a biopsy to check if I am gluten sensitive or have celiac disease on the strength of this,he has agreed to refer me. my question is this does anyone know how long it might take before I get the test on average and how long it may take for me to build up gluten in my system again .thanks

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No one here can tell you how the waiting list to see the specialist will be as it will vary depending how popular the specialist is and what their workload is. Then after you see the specialist you may have to wait for a biopsy slot. Either could be weeks or months.

If you are going to have the biopsy you need to revert to eating gluten because if you are gluten free for more than a week or so you might get a false negative if the gut has healed. Even though healing can take several weeks there is no telling how quickly an individual will heal.

Good luck and I hope you get some answers.


Thanks tassie


Hi it is easy to make a mistake and we all have done this. first of all take some bicarb

1 tea spoon in warm water, this will help and second take a good probiotic. i used this method when i first was gluten free. third read all labels and get someone to remind you while out shopping and eating out. it is a learning curve but we need to be soooo aware.

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Generally people seem to say you need to have eaten gluten for around six weeks. It's not a pleasant prospect but let's hope it is worth it.


Thanks Claudio hope so I've been in agony these last few days returning to gluten


You have to ask yourself if its worth the agony to get a diagnosis. As far as I can see the only benefit is that you get GF foods on prescription, which will save a bit of money.

I'm not coeliac, and don't pay too heavily for the occasional transgression - but then every so often I do.

Have you come across DPP IV, pet lamb? Its an enzyme that you can take with a suspect meal (useful when eating out, where the cook is not trustworthy, or well educated). I have found it really helpful - and I have even sinned deliberately once or twice - usually when a granddaughter has been baking and I haven't the heart to refuse.


But of course while this may be fine for some, don't do this if you are coeliac. The research labs haven't succeeded in a SAFE pill for us yet.


If you are determined to get a diagnosis one way or another there is a definitive process. Eat gluten up to time of bloodwork - in fact overeat gluten by maxing out on something made with strong plain flour, eg bread. Latest study showed is 4 slices a day for 2 weeks will produce the results. If you are having an endoscopy you won't have healed your gut in a couple of weeks, particularly if you keep having gluten as you've said you do. My repeat biopsy 4 years later on a super-strict gf diet still had extensive damage.

An endoscopy is relatively risk free but 1 in 100 cases it poses a health problem. If you don't need to do it then personally I wouldn't. I did a gluten challenge and yes, it makes you ill, sometimes very ill. If you want to know that badly then it's what you have to do.

If you eat gluten, don't eat gluten, sometimes eat it and then don't - guess what? - the test might be a waste of time.

Not everything is coeliac disease.


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