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Anyone visiting LLandudno (Wales) and needs Gluten free food --- Read this!!!!

Well you 'MUST' go to Barnacles fish&chip shop. It is FAB!!! I went on a day trip to LLandudno and had my first chippy meal since being diagnosed 'Coeliac' which is 10yrs plus. I had Haddock, Chips & Peas with GF bread and a pot of tea for £7.50. It is all cooked separately and in different fryers, using different utensils etc... They have soya milk and dairy free too!! It's the 'BEST' meal I've ever had since being diagnosed a Coeliac. Just wished I lived in LLandudno, but then again, I would end up with a massive weight problem, if I ate chippy meals every day!! Lol x I complimented the chef before I left and told them I would definitely be returning soon!! You really need to try them. Highly Recommended. My mum and her friend had the ordinary chips&fish meal deals and they said the same as me!! Fab!!

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Thanks for sharing it sounds very good, its very good that they had dairy free as well


It is good to know that the majority of Coeliac's can find fish & chips while out and about. Sadly if I visited Llandudno I could not enjoy the fish & chips or even a chip butty because of the gluten content but would take my Aunty out for a meal or eat at hers which I have no problems with. GF food nearly all is not good for me.


hiya glad to hear that going there in 3weeks time have wrote name down lol xx


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