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Birthday bash 6th May

Last night I had my 65th Birthday. We went out for a meal at the Rocksalt Restaurant, Folkestone Harbour, What a meal? First course, Pressed garlic chicken with pea shoots with pansy flowers, Second course, Scallops, asparagus on a bed of mashed potatoes. Desert Blancmange with strawberries. Happy birthday in chocolate on a plate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. After which a cocktail made by a knowledgeable barman from Slovenia whose wife was a Coeliac. We discussed the Coeliac situation, I was informed that products that contained gluten had to be labelled as such and are tested every 6 months. My cocktail was made from items/alcohol he knew to be gf in Slovenia.

The overview being you are a Coeliac first and GF secondly as it has different meanings in different countries, I will be looking at the Slovenia Coeliac scene.

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That all sounds delicious. Glad to hear you had a good birthday bash.


A very good evening, thanks! My opinion is that a Coeliac can eat in many establishments once you know your limits. You pay for what you get these days with food and service. I had no problems with this excellent dinner and suggest others get out there and declare a Coeliac status rather than requiring a "GF" meal, this promotes a health issue and leads to discussion in the catering industry, they want your business they will cater for you.

The barman is going for his 'Masters Degree in Nutrition'.


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