Gluten Free Guerrillas

Not yet diagnosed

Find it amazing how many responses iv had with I all thank you. Not yet had chance to read them all but will do as soon as iv can. From what I have had a chance to see I feel I need to let u know. I have been suffering for nearly 3 years had the camera both up and done to rule things out I've been under a consultant and dietician for past year and a half treated for IBS !!!! I've been milk intolerance for years and am now having to monitor dairy ie. have a 2 egg omelette rather than 3 eggs. Only eat cheese 2/3 days apart. Also need to monitor starchy foods. The list is never ending. I have koko milk in tea and cooking. A lot I have done myself but it's a very slow process. Not had the blood test diagnosis due to me cutting out a lot if things myself about a year before they did the blood test. Dietician says to get a positive I would have to eat a minimum of 2 slices of bread every single day for a month. NO thanks. Hope this helps other too who haven't had the positive blood test. Saw go last week about my bloods again and asked if I have to stay in the tablet forever her answer was the consultant I'm seeing needs to find out what it causing my anaemia. So this will be my discussion with him tonight. Hope I havnt missed any questions that u have all asked me from my last comment but promise to read all individually. Very busy day and week this week but thank you again


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