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High IOP’s but NOT GLAUCOMA. Why continue with drops?

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Hi all,

So I have had a first appt with a glaucoma consultant (went private) due to waiting time on NHS - was the SAME consultant I had been referred to on NHS!

My history - Previously had cataracts (both ages 18 now 50) and lens implants both eyes. Then retinal detachments both eyes and artisan lens & more recently (for 18 months) being treated for recurring cystoid macular edema in L eye, which has reduced my IOP’s to 14 & 15 using Azarga and Xalatan drops since Xmas. IOP’s were previously not under control 27 & 26. Was referred as a ‘suspect glaucoma’ case by my edema consultant.

Happily the glaucoma consultant said not Glaucoma and peripheral vision loss is due to previous surgeries. Cups fine and optic nerves look very healthy. He said edema seems under control now. So, why do I still need the drops continuously and follow up appt? Can this still lead to glaucoma in the future? He said they would not want to operate ever because of my previous surgeries and complications/scarring etc that I have.

Thanks for reading.


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OCT result?

Eyedrops are a preventive measure (along with: bed sloping, avoiding lots of caffeine first thing in the morning and pillow eye pressure while sleeping) as well as questionable yoga poses.

High IOP is sufficient reason in itself to be taking eyedrops, as reducing your eyepressure cuts your likely risk of major eye damage / eventual blindness.

~wbic, member glaucoma-uk forum

Amazing that you don’t have gluacoma I wish I could get this news. I wish you all the best x

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