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I tested for GBS privately and got 2 doses of IV AB during labour but Patrick died still...has anyone else experienced this?

He came out but failed to breathe, they resuscitated for 45 mins but his wee heart stopped. Neither of us showed any signs of infection during labour. Post Mortem showed infection but they couldn't identify the exact bacteria as I'd had antibiotics. It seems obvious to me that it was GBS though as I had tested positive.

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I'm so very sorry to read of Patrick's tragic death - huge hugs to you and your family.

Sometimes - particularly when antibiotics have been taken - it can be impossible to determine the cause of an infection. GBS could have been as the antibiotics in labour massively reduce rather than eliminate the risk, although it could also have been something else.

Again, I'm so sorry - I'm sure you'll find support from others on this forum.



I'm so sorry to hear of Patrick's death, how cruel that you knew your stuff had the test and took the antibiotics and it still wasn't enough. My son Cayden had a late onset infection and although he was in hospital due to being prem, he didn't survive. I wish the dr had looked at him sooner, but that's the only other thing that could have changed the outcome, everything else was done which should have been done. I wasn't given AB in labour but my son had them for 5 days afterwards.

I'm terribly sorry for your loss, love to you and your little Patrick too xxxx


Oh I'm so sorry Cazzab that your wee man left too. It's just devastating not having them. So much love to you too and the wee fella who's no doubt playing with mine :-)