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can my un born baby get strep b in my womb im 17 weeks pregnant

I have just found out i have strep b im 17 weeks pregnant it was found in a urine sample, im very very worried that my unborn child is going to get it, they have said to me i will have a drip in my vein as soon as my waters break, but what happens if i have a short/long labour or my contractions start before my waters break? can my unborn child get this infection in my womb through my pregnancy? so worried dont know what to do

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Hi Aruba. You've obviously had a shock here but now you know you carry GBS you can take steps to protect your baby. I expect the drip your midwife referred to is for antibiotics in labour and if you visit the charity's website there is a lot of information which I hope will put your mind at rest. This link will take you through all the options and i hope put your mind atvrest

You can also call 01444 416176 if you would like to chat through any issue or ask on here and we will do our best to help as will other mums who have had this experience.

Can anyone give Aruba the benefit of their experiences?


Well I had m/c and it was due to urinary tract infection and I had a swab test done and it was confirm I had strep b, it can affect your pregnancy, it can brake your water, mind was raptured at 16 weeks, so you have to be on the look out for the signs like lower back pain and going to the loo often. Because some midwife dont have a lot of knowledge about the risk of it, they may even tell you that it only can affect you during labour but don't let you know about it rapturing your water.


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