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In the office

Hi there. I'm Anne, one of the charity's trustees and just back home from the charity's office where I saw Jane. Founder & Chief Exec and Celia ( who you may well have talked to if you call the charity). Caught up with a summer student too who had popped in during his reading week.So much going on in there! Phones going all the time. Jane & Celia preparing to go to Royal College of midwives conference next week to raise more awareness and spread the word, calls coming in from pregnant women about testing, orders for Christmas cards coming in ( I still can't pick a favourite) and the raffle tickets coming back too. I'm so proud to have some involvement with this charity. Just renewed my membership and selling tickets to family and friends this weekend. Please do the same. Did you know you can buy online through GBSS website so the old excuse of not being able to find the tickets won't work!!!

Came away with some donated items which we will sell on ebay to raise funds too( did you know you can donate a percentage of your ebay sales to us and raise awareness too?) so must go and photograph them before my children get home.