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There should be more awareness!!

I feel the midwifes do not know as much as they should about GBS, they knew i had it in a previous pregnancy, decided not to test me this time, they said i would receive antibiotics in labour, then the midwife who perfomed my sweep said i wouldnt need the antibiotics as it was just a pre caution, the midwifes on the phone when i was in labour told me not to come in till my contractions were every 2.5 mins, but i went in anyway so i could receieve my antibiotics only had time to get one lot in, resulting in my son being born with GBS. I cant help but think if the midwifes werent so relaxed about it then maybe he wouldnt of got sick. Luckily after 7 days he was well enough to come home x

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I have only recently learned of GBS and my son is 21 months old. He was born 48 hours after my waters broke and 5 hours after his birth he was fitted with a canula and given intravenous antibiotics for 5 days. At no point did any of the medical staff identify it as GBS but from doing my own research I feel so sure this is what he contracted from me. Mothers should be made more aware of the risks and have the option of being swabbed, it is the only answer. I feel so blessed that we were able to take our baby home after 5 days in hospital but it could have been a very different story.


Did they not tell you what was wrong with him? I only knew about GBS after having it after the birth of my first child as it made me very unwell, and still they said there was no reason to swab me in my 2nd pregnancy. They were the worst 7 days of my life and they could of been avoided if the midwifes understood the severity of GBS. X


Sorry to read your experiences. Have you asked to review your sons birth with the midwifery team? Our website has a guide to handling such meetings and approaching the maternity team. Not easy with a baby to look after but may help with awareness too. Please call GBSS if we can help


I feel sure that the midwives are reluctant To mention it to their ladies, firstly because the NHS doesn't screen (pretty embarrassing really), secondly because they think it will scare the women (ignorance is bliss) and thirdly, because I don't think they know much about it really. I know I have outwitted one or two midwives cos I knew more about GBS than them, which is pretty shocking.

Whatever the reasons it needs to change, women should be told routinely, this would raise awareness and give women the power to protect their babies.

Hanky, I'm glad to hear your son made a good recovery, but I do think they should have given you more information. You can request your hospital notes and someone to go through them with you if you wish, just contact the PALS department at your hospital.