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Risk of GBS infecting baby prior to birth?

Thanks to recent publicity on fbook I noticed the conversation about GBS and questioned my midwife about it. She agreed to test me and a week later here I am being told I've tested positive. So grateful for the awareness raised by this group. My question is about the advice leaflet I've been given. It mentions a small risk of GBS getting into the amniotic fluid and causing illness in the baby. Is there any way of knowing prior to labour whether this has happened or would the baby show any signs of being infected before birth that a healthcare professional might look out for?

Thank you

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Thanks for your kind words!

If your pregnancy is progressing normally, then there is no reason to suspect group B Strep is infecting your baby. Both Mum and Baby have natural defences against the baby developing GBS infection before labour starts or the waters break. In the unlikely event a GBS infection does develop, Mum will usually go into labour or her membranes will rupture. And that’s the time to get to hospital as quickly as you can to receive the intravenous antibiotics to give your baby the best protection possible.

Of course, if you are concerned about anything when you’re pregnant (including if you experience reduced fetal movements which can be another sign that baby is in distress), you should seek advice from your midwife in the first instance. If she's not available, then do contact your maternity unit – they’re there to help you.

Hope this helps,



Thanks for responding, Jane. That is reassuring to know and I will take your advice on board in chatting to my midwife if I have any concerns during the later stages of the pregnancy. :-)

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