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Does anyone who has asthma, bronchiectasis etc. know anything about developing Vasculitis. I have been reading that this is not unusual for many people affected with Pulmonary problems.

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I don't know much about it to be honest, but the BLF website does mention a specific condition called pulmonary vasculitis & links to the website of an organisation called the Vasculitis Foundation. I wonder if they might be able to give you some more specific information?


Vasculitis is a form of autoimmune disease whereby your own immune system becomes a little too active and causes inflammation in a particular tissue type - in this case, blood vessels. It is treated with immunosuppressive medication to try to calm your immune system down and then reduce inflammation.

My impression is that vasculitis can and does appear like asthma and that is why many people with vasculitis are initially diagnosed with asthma.

Do you have a fungal involvement in your illness that you know of? You don't mention it but as this is a fungal group it is implied. A fungal infection can also cause vasculitis and that may affect how you are treated.


Hi ... just returned from Mayo Clinic where extensive tests show that I actually do not have aspergillus showing up in sputum or skin tests etc. although I have been on itraconazole for 6 months. Mayo is pretty well versed in the testing necessary to isolate the proofs of ABPA, Chronic Aspergillus etc. so my Pulmonologist actually did none of these but felt this is what I had due to several mucus results showing aspergillus. The Mayo Drs, explained that when you have bronchiectasis...it is not unusual to test positive sputum for a fungal issue...(and it did come and go) My sputum which is loaded with MAC...is going to be cultured for several months so they can be sure to do the sensitivities on MAC as well as any other bugs that may be lurking there...I was put back on my steroid inhaler which has improved my breathing ... my Prednisone has to be tapered slowly until the symbicort can take over and I probably should have been treated for MAI earlier...may have some lung damage but doing the best I can.