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Just thought I'd share some info. Shortly before I attended the National Aspergillosis Centre at Wythenshawe I posted a question regarding the benefits of air purifiers and received some helpful info. I then attended Wythenshawe and the medical intervention I received greatly improved my health so never actually got round to purchasing one. However I also have COPD (emphysema/asthma) and obviously there is a gradual decline in health for this condition. I re-visited the idea of purchasing one and (touch wood) the results are very promising. I will have to keep an eye on things that this improvement continues but it is looking good. Certain criteria have been met with the air purifier:- a true HEPA filter which filters out ver small particles; a carbon filter; filter change indicator; automatic or manual mode etc. my health has improved dramatically. Fingers crossed it continues. Once we have reached this stage in our health we are usually desperate to try most things. However I would have a problem with some things (although undoubtedly they would work for some people). As I am considerably underweight I would have a problem with any diet which restricts certain foods (except under medical supervision); I would also have a problem using natural herbal remedies (I do feel that 'natural' does not equate with 'safe'. However an air purifier could only benefit and would cause no harm - and may even benefit the whole family. Hope my improvement continues.

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  • Hi Rachel

    Can you give some details on the air purifier and how you use it? What flow rate of air do you use, how large are the rooms you use it in and for how long do you run it to get benefit? Is your home noticeably damp or mouldy or even dusty?


  • Hi, Thanks for replying. I know this is not the place for endorsing any one particular kind of air purifier but is there any way I can send you a link to the one which I purchased - and the website I got it from. It's just that if you scroll down their page it gives all the technical info you would need, including what size of sq metres each of their machines covers. The firm has also provided links on YOuTube. It is also recommended by AllergyUK. As for damp in my house - yes, the kitchen is damp and this is what I originally got it for. Since September of last year my life has taken a dramatic downturn regarding my mobility. I was not even able to go upstairs most of the time. Now my mobility has increased and even managed a trip to the coast last week (albeit on my mobility scooter). Time will tell if this a definite improvement due to the air purifier or simply transient. Even so, it is not doing any harm to try it.

  • Yes - you can contact me at


  • Hi Rachel,

    Can you e mail me on with the details too please? Or message me on the board here. Thanks woul welcome the info to make the comparison with the one I have.




  • There are several machines available on the AllergyUK website

    Ensure you take note of the room size you are going to use the filter in and buy the appropriate machine using the details on the 'further information' tab for each product.

    NB also note that mould spores & fragments are much smaller than pollen so ensure you buy a machine that is designed to filter mould & fungi (0.3 micron). I have yet to see any convincing evidence that ionisers are effective!

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