Day 8 of trial

Day 8 of trial

Hi all,

I have made it through week 2 of my trial, only 2 treatments left. All of my side effects have been pretty mild, I have mild burns on my temples, a little bit of dizziness randomly throughout the week, and now fatigue is setting in. But honestly all of these are very mild when compared to the way I felt during concurrent radiation and chemo to lung. I'm glad I did the trial I think it was the right thing to do , for many reasons. I guess after Tuesday I'm off the hook at least til June 29th, when I have scans again.

Sincerely ,



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9 Replies

  • So glad to read that you are doing so well and have tolerated treatment so far. What are they giving you to relieve the burns? When I experienced burns during my breast cancer treatment my dr had me use Aquaphor and when it got really bad Silvadene. (For that treatment though there were 6 weeks of radiation.)

  • Thanks Denzie ,

    I've been just using curel daily before and after so it seems to be working.

  • You've earned your superhero badge!

  • Glad to hear your tolerating the treatment ok! Your so inspiring! ❤️🙏🏻

  • Well done RW! Glad to hear you are tolerating the treatments so well.

  • HI Rw, I am very happy things are going well (considering), and really glad that you have found peace with your decision. Keep fighting and big happy hugs to you.

  • Hi RW!! Great to hear your new treatment has only mild side effects. Yes, chemotherapy and radiation can wear you out. Been there twice. I have small cell lung cancer and now being treated with immunotherapy called Keytruda. This is my third treatment for the small cell. Finally getting positive results.

    You are a real trooper and warrior in your fight against this monster called cancer. I feel I am too!! God bless!!

    Take care,

    Kathie Ann Solus

  • Happy to hear it's going well - sending more healing thoughts....

  • So happy to hear the treatment is going well. Hoping for good results on your scans. Keep the good news coming.

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