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Rest is important too!

Hi all,

I think I just pushed things a little too far this morning, I wound up just coming back home and resting today I'm still not completely sure why but after I left home I started feeling really run down then after I rested for a while just had a nervous uneasy feeling for the rest of the day. But been taking it easy and even slept a couple hrs this evening and feel much better now. I think tommarrow will be a rest day also.

Thanks for all your replies,


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I'm glad you're listening to your body. I felt guilty when I was going through the treatments because I felt I rested too much. I had always been what my mother called a "nervous Nellie" because I was always busy to doing something.

When you have cancer anywhere in your body, it is robbing you of a lot of vitamins, stamina and and even peace of mind. Listen when your body says you need rest. You are probably going to have a lot more days ahead where you just need to rest and let your body try to begin the healing process.

I pray God will not only strengthen you through this proces but will give you wisdom to discern what is best for you. God bless you.


Your number 1 job is to take care of yourself and listen to your body. I had fatigue and nausea with my chemo. The nausea was easier to handle since my oncologist gave me medicine for that. Unfortunately there was nothing they could give me for the fatigue, only thing I could do was rest. Immediately after chemo I would only leave the sofa when I had to, otherwise I would sleep and watch TV. Remember- listen to your body.


RW, You've already gotten good advice here - to listen to your body. Rest is a good thing! You will not get any brownie points for trying to keep up with everything you used to do while you are being treated. Also remember that your whole immune system is taking a hit so you are more vulnerable to getting sick while being treated. It's time to pamper yourself, to cut yourself a bunch of slack, to relax on the couch with a hot drink and something good on the tube.

Be aware, too, that you are going to have a new normal even after treatment. Time to get rid of all the "shoulds" and go with what works for you and your body.


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