Does anyone else here have small cell that's been in remission for awhile

I am trying to stay positive and start getting my immune system in line, I have been quit smoking since the day they found the mass. Smoked for 20plus years and no problem quoting once I knew my life was on the line. I feel so so so stupid for smoking all those years, I honestly cannot think of one reason why I did it. Anyway it's always good to hear from someone on the same road.


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  • First, stop blaming yourself. No one deserves this disease-smoker or not. While its true smoking might contribute, its still dumb luck. 80% of smokers do not get lung cancers.

    My coworker's husband survived 7.5 years with small cell before succumbing to complications of his copd this past year.

    There are a couple clinical studies going for small cell that are showing promise. Has your dr discussed the possibility with you?

    Congratulations on getting rid of the smoking habit. I believe that if I had not been hospitalized for a week when first diagnosed that I may not have been able to quit.

  • I found this book very informative. He has inspired so many people and I believe, has given so many of us additional time. He talks about after WWII how food started being mass produced to feed the population that increased after the soldiers came home. He taught me about how omega 3 decrease inflammation and omega 6 increase inflammation, which contribute to many diseases. I keep a supply of these books and anyone that people send to me who are dealing with cancer I give them the book. I think it's a good book about eating healthy and bought it for each of my and my husbands siblings who don't have cancer. Matcha green tea and water are my drinks of choice. I was taking Tumeric with pepper and cinnamon, but when I shared my supplements with my Oncologist he said these two interacted with my chemo and to discontinue them. Tummeric is antineoplastic and the black pepper helps it to be absorbed and the cinnamon stops sugar spikes. Please check with you MD before taking them. Bless you and the best of health. Thanks for sharing.

  • I have stage 3B lung cancer. I've had radiation and chemotherapy and have had 2 three months checkups since then. Mine was inoperable and the treatments shrunk the tumor by 35-40%. I am going for the next three mi th checkup December 6, and am praying for another good report.

    Stay positive and trust in the Lord. God bless you.

  • Hi Ruthie,

    Did you have small cell or non-small cell cancer?

  • Hi leslyk21,

    It sounds like your fathers diagnosis is similar to mine with the exception of that doc who told him he had 6 months to live.that is absolutely out of line! I am worried about my future as well the stats for our sickness are not great, however I have talked to several people who have been fighting it for 2 years or longer. The oncologist where I got my first opinion said he had people in his clinic that had been surviving for 10 years,but I am being treated at another hospital so I never actually got to talk to them. I have also been actively trying to find survivors just to help ease my mind I will keep you posted .

    Best of luck,


  • Thank you RWHayes. I appreciate your response. I hope everything goes well for you. I will keep you in my prayers. this process is so mentally draining. I will keep you posted on things. I hope you do the same. Stay strong!!!!!


  • I had squamous non small cell carcinoma. It was blocking the bronchial tube to the left lung and had grown into the left lung as well. I had it in a lymph node below my thyroid. Now because of the radiation, it has scarred the thyroid and my numbers are really low. They have found nodules on the thyroid and I am scheduled to see an endocrinologist on 12/21.

  • Check this out:

    Robert Lowe story

  • It has been 3 years that I have been NSCLC free. I my lung cancer was found while I was preparing to have surgery to repair a valve in my heart. I was very luck as it was stage 1B when found. I had my upper right lobe removed and then chemo 2 months later. I had 4 rounds of chemo since my cancer was located near the lining of my lung. As Denzie stated you can't blame yourself for getting this. My grandmother who passed away over 50 years ago, smoked over 3 packs of cigarettes a day, had multiple myeloma. I have never smoked a day in my life and I got lung cancer- so go figure. All we can do is move forward and fight for our lives! Best of luck in your fight!!

  • Chuck stated Opdivo last August and recently he is having a reaction to this drug and has not been on any treatment ( except steroids) I am totally convinced that without this drug (Opdivo) , he would have passed by now. Instead, here we are 6 months later, and he is doing great!!. Chuck was one of the first ( of not the very first) patient with small cell lung cancer to be placed on OPdivo. This drug is used for non small cell cancer.

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