WBR, having trouble is this the right thing to do?

I am having a hard time with the radiation I am receiving, I have only had one treatment and felt terrible afterwards, the next day the machine broke and I felt it was a sign not to go back. They tell em I have numerous mets all over and need the WBR, I am doing the hippocampus sparing though but still don't know if this is something I should do. Can anyone who has gone thru this already tell me if it took away the mets, came back, and the side effects you experienced? Also I do no have any symptoms from the mets so far so its harder to see why they need to do this. I am also on Tarceva which I understand could help with the brain mets as well. Any advice is welcome, I am supposed to go back this afternoon for another radiation session and dreading it!!!

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  • My mom had WBR with her adenocarcinoma. When the mets got large enough to cause symptoms they were debilitating. She had excruciating headaches, numbness and aphasia. On a pain scale of 1-10 they were a ten. Now while they are smaller they will be much easier to destroy. As awful as the whole process is you are doing what is best in the long run.

  • Thanks, that is helpful.

  • I just finished 30 days of radiation therapy, the only problem I encountered was being able to swallow.

  • Your intuition is a valuable resource. Have you had a second opinion???

  • Yes, it is agreed that I need to do the radiation to stop the progression before my symptoms show up, they say its only a matter of time.

  • Did your pathology report any molecular mutations?

  • Yes EGFR

  • Thank you, that gives m some hope!

  • How are you feeling? A little more confident about your decision? It is terrible not to have a rock-solid answer, but you are doing all the right things by reaching out, asking questions, staying alert to what is happening. I have to admit that whole thing about the machine breaking down would have given me the screaming-me-me's. Seriously. Bless your heart. Please keep us updated.

  • Hi Peggy, Im dong OK, feeling still unsure a bit but everyone seems to say its the right thing to do for the most part. I finally had my second treatment yesterday and I weathered ti better than the first one. It may have been my nerves that made me so sick after the first treatment.

    Thanks for checking on me :)

  • Oh, thank you for updating us!!!! You are on your way! And, seriously, who wouldn't have nerves dancing away? Seems pretty natural to me. Will hold you in my thoughts and send positive thoughts your way. Please keep in touch, we'll be waiting to hear.

  • WBR is a hard decision to make, there are a lot of conflicting opinions. Sending best hopes that, in combination with the Tarceva, it is a good option for you, and I'm glad to hear that your second treatment went better than the first. - Anita

  • HI Anita, Thanks for your reply, third session down and 7 more to go.

  • Checking in to say hello and to see how you are tolerating treatment. I've no idea how long it takes before the fatigue sets in so don't worry about answering right away.

  • Doing ok but getting pretty tired. 5 more to go. Thanks for checking in on me :)

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