Hi this is Jo I thought I would write a post letting you all know just how afraid I am. My ctscan is tueday at ten. the longer i've went and the closer its gotten,I think that it is back. I've even had a nightmare about it. I thought I was such a strong person and I wanted to be that strong person for the others. oh god I wish it was over and I knew one way or the other. On top of all of that I won't know anything until the thirteenth a week away. I think that they should not make you wait it just makes it worse. I want my strength back. I want to be there for the others. I don't like being afraid. So help me be strong again and not weak. Thank you so much for reading this. @JoTaylor.


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21 Replies

  • Hi Jo,

    I'm sorry to read that you are having a hard time. But please don't add to your stress by considering fear a sign of weakness! Being scared about CAT scans is just about unavoidable in my opinion. Being strong is carrying on despite the fear or carrying on after the worst wave of fear subsides. I'll be thinking of you and hoping your scan brings you good news.

  • I have tried to hand my fears over to god. I cannot face this alone. Prayers for a good scan. Cancer sucks

  • I know from experience, that the whole ct scan and waiting causes a lot of anxiety. Take a deep breath and realize that knowledge is power. If God for bid your cancer has returned, you are finding it early and have the best chance of stopping it's growth and having it go into remission. Think positive- do something to pamper yourself while you wait and keep yourself busy. I am sending positive thoughts!!

  • Hi Jo: Think positive thoughts, have faith that all with be ok. Does the doctor you go to have a patient portal where you can get info on your tests any time you want? The hospital I go to has this so I get to see the results of lab and usually x-rays in a few days. It's not doing your body any good to get more stressed out, it will just weaken the body even more. You are a very strong already you can do this with your head held up high. I will be praying for you.

  • I just had my second 3 month testing last week. I was pretty sure mine was back but the good news is that it is still in remission. I did have radiation pneumonia which is pneumonia caused by radiation. The doctor said I would susceptible to this for 2 years. I am currently on steroids and may have to continue taking them for 8 weeks.

    I pray that your cancer is also in remission and that your doctor's visits are all positive. It seems the closer it comes time for testing, the worse you feel. Hopefully it is the anxiety that is causing you uneasiness.

    You are a very strong person and we know that God is well aware of what is going on with you. Put your faith in Him and He'll strengthen you and carry you.

    God bless you.

  • Ho jo, what your experiancing is normal, we all have fears and anxieties while waiting for results. What ever happens, remember how many people on here that are beating this disease everyday. It's the not knowing that is so hard, once you know what's going on, you'll be more apt to be able to cope. I'm here if you need me! Your a strong lady!!

  • Hi Donna thank you i've been sick for two weeks,I went to dr. She gave me a pretty potent antibiotic. And that and my cat scan tomorrow has really had me anxious and scared. I just want it to be over. I hope your doing ok. Jo

  • Hi Jo I know exactly how are you feeling right now, my husband's ctscan was this past friday and tomorrow we are going to know how Chemo is working, I'm scared, I don't feel good, I'm trying to be positive but it is more strong than me, he's not talking at all I know him and I know he's scared, sometimes he's mad, sometimes he's crying, and sometimes he's just trying. I'd like to tell you be Strong, hang in there, everything happen for a reason, just have faith because at least that's the only thing that we got for sure. You and my husband are more than strong people and I want to believe God is with us and He loves us. I wish you the best!!! 👍😘🙏🙏

  • We all know how anxious you feel. We have all been there. And instead of giving you the usual "God only gives you one day at a time, live it" or "God's plan" or whatever, I'm going to tell you what I do. I laugh. I watch a funny movie, like "Galaxy Quest." It's a spoof on Star Trek with Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver. In it they say "Never give up, never surrender." I repeat that to myself. Never give up physically and NEVER ever give up emotionally. When you get scared, pull yourself together and say, "Never give up. Never Surrender!" Stupid, maybe, but it works for me. BTW, with Stage IV NSCLC as a never-smoker, there is no remission for me. So quit your fretting, and go laugh!

  • Hi Every one who replyed to petrified. You are the greatest bunch of people I have ever met. You all made me feel really great. When I go tomorrow to get my cat scan I will be thinking about all of you and how good you made me feel. Thank you so much for being there for me. Good or bad I will let you all know. It will be the thirteenth. I found this lung cancer pin its a white ribbon with an angel on it. I thought theres my gardian angel. I will wear it tuesday to my cat scan and bring me good luck. She'll be watching over me. So thank you for being so caring. Jo

  • Hi Jo-Anne, what you are feeling is totally normal and after 4 years, I still get that way. I might think I am not showing it as much but my husband would argue that.

    I also hyper-focus on each ache and pain and assume the cancer is back. I just had a scan and it came back fine. That keeps me happy for a week or so but then it all starts creeping back. I think with lung cancer, we know how often it reoccurs so we don't say "if", we say, "when".

    I hope and pray that all goes well with your scan. The logical part of my brain knows that it is out of our control but the illogical part doesn't handle that idea very well.

    Keep us updated.

  • I will be praying for you.

  • If anyone needs a reason to see the best in humanity, they should read these responses. Bless you all. Hugs to you all. No wonder we care so deeply for one another, it works!

  • Jo,

    Holding you close.

  • FtH_Peggy Thank you so much it really means a lot.

  • FtB_Peggy heres another reply from me and you are right this is the greatest bunch of people on here that I have ever met. I always said if i'm there for them than they will be there for me and they have been. They have been fantastic and you couldn't ask for better people. All of them were there for me and between them and you and the other admins you couldn't ask for a better site to be@Jo Taylor

  • I Jo, just thinking of you. Have you heard anymore yet? Probably not, I know I never hear right away. Hang in there kiddo, we are all here when you need us, we all get great support here


  • Oh, bless your heart. It appears the feeling is mutual!

  • Hang in there Jo, praying for you.

  • Hang in there jo, praying for you.

  • I just wrote a post and it disapered where did it go

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