anyone else had 6\7 tests done dose it mean its CANCER?

anyone else had 6\7 tests done dose it mean its CANCER?

My Husband been told he has shadow on his lungs! CT Scan, day after A Scan and camera on his lungs and took 11 pieces out plus enlarged lymph nodes they said. Two days after that he had a PET scan and been told he needs a Lung function and a brain scan! Still they not said if its Cancer or Not!! Now today we got letter saying he needs A Ultra Sound Scan on his Abdominal. Its all very worrying and confusing!


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  • They want to be sure before they tell you results. They are probably checking his biopsy for mutations and that takes a little longer cuz it usually has to go to a special lab. Hang in there.


  • I went through this same run around with my husband. I finally insisted that we be given copies of the reports of all the tests, X-rays, biopsies and scans. I finally started asking why they were doing each test. Feel free to ask lots of questions. You should be able to get the lung biopsy results.

  • how is he now?

  • Have you gotten a copy of x-rays or cat scans on a CD disk yet. You can request those it comes in handy to have it also has comment from the person who reads it. I've learnd it comes in handy when you move & have to to start new with a new doctor to have all information on your cancer.

  • We FINALLY got his diagnosis of NSCLC squamous cell type on May 13th; the pathology report had been available since April 28th, but no one shared the results until May 13th. On May 25th my husband was so sick I took him to the hospital. He almost died due to problems that arose. They finally started chemo but it weakened him too much. He developed sepsis and pneumonia and died on July 1, 2016. After watching my husband go downhill I doubt that I will ever chose chemo as a treatment option if I get cancer. It ruined the quality of my husband's life.

  • This was a type of lung cancer.

  • Charlie,

    So sorry to hear all that you and your husband are handling right now. It is difficult to wait, but I agree that they are probably waiting to give you the correct information when all the tests are complete.

    But feel free to ask questions of your team, consider taking a loved one/friend along for medical appointments so you have another set of ears, and you can also ask to speak to a social worker or nurse navigator to help you sort through all of this.

    We'll be waiting to hear more.

    Warmest wishes,


  • So sorry to hear of your husband's passing. Prayers and thoughts your way.

  • I would call your doctor. They probably cant conclude anything definite. They want to be sure so they continue testing.

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