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Florida living

So I m still in Florida until 5/10....visiting my parents and my Auntie and sister. It s unusually beautiful without the usual humidity clouds! Just returned from a bit of shopping with Mom.....needing some oxygen for awhile. But all in all I m feeling okay thank God. I ll be curious to see what my PET scan shows on 5/11 when I return home. I m so grateful though, no matter what because I ve had this past year which no one was sure I'd have due to my prognosis. But I m a true fighter..... I still have lots of life to live and I m determined as ever to live it!! Too much to do before I go you all out there.... Keep up the good fight!! No matter what the Docs' say, you have to keep on keeping on!!! Mind over matter; and God or your Higher Power..... Whoever or whatever He/She/It may be!!! Peace and love to all! Cindy😘

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Great attitude Cindy, back from Florida less then a week. Hoping to spend next winter at our new Mobile. So much easier on the lungs and breathing vs. New England in winter. Looking forward to some nice weather. Prayers


Prayers back at you! My Dad just said if things got tough in NE over the winter to come back to Parrish for awhile! Who knows?! Just might take him up on it!


Thanks very much!


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