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Hi everyone. This is my first post here. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with taking Cipralex, Wellbutrin and Adderall together?

I was taking 20 mg Cipralex to treat my depression and anxiety but I was so exhausted all the time that my doctor decreased the Cipralex dosage to 15 mg and also started me on Wellbutrin. I was taking those two together for months with no change in my energy level, and I just felt exhausted all the time. No energy to do anything.

So my doctor put me on Ritalin to help with the exhaustion but the side effects were unbearable: Nausea, dizziness, headaches, hands shaking and sometimes feeling anxious. Also, my depression flared up around two weeks after I started on it.

After a month I switched to Adderall 20 mg. This is the third day Ive taken it and so far it has been better than the Ritalin but Im still getting a strange feeling and sort of agitated, as well as headaches. And still depressed.

Does anyone know if this might be because of the combination of the other medication Im taking?

Is Ritalin known to cause depression or can it be a coincidence that Im feeling very bad lately?

And is Adderall known to cause depression?

Im starting to lose hope that I can just function like a regular human who is not tired all of the time :(

Thanks so much to all who reply.


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Sorry you are currently struggling with your fatigue. Is it just the drugs or do you think it could be an underlying problem ? Have you had your thyroid correctly tested ? Low T3 is needed to keep the brain happy and it is very rarely tested in the NHS. Testing the TSH only - is just part of the thyroid story and tells you very little as it is a Pituitary Hormone and not a thyroid one ! T3 was once used to treat mental health issues.

Also LOW B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD - are not routinely tested and need to be requested. When low in range they can produce so many symptoms including neurological ones. Sadly Docs declare you normal when the result is just in range - but it is where you are in range that is key to your wellbeing. B12 is good around 500 - folate and Ferritin good around mid-range and VitD around 100. there are over 90,000 members here on Thyroid UK and over 7 years I have very rarely seen anyone with good results of the above. Low Thyroid can trash absorption. Docs are quick to reach for the prescription pad when sometimes the simplest root causes are overlooked ....

Always obtain copies of all your results with ranges so you can monitor your own health and check what has been missed - you may be surprised :-) You are legally entitled to have your results.

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MH30 in reply to Marz

Wow thank you so much. I will request these tests.

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Marz in reply to MH30

I would make a shopping list for your GP - in case you forget something :-) The NHS are very poor at Thyroid Testing and seem to think just testing the TSH is enough - sadly not ! If you are in a position to have Private Testing then you can have Testing Kits sent to your home to include them all - TSH - FT4 - FT3 and Anti-TPO and Tg - plus all the vitamins and minerals suggested above ! Go to the link below and click onto About Testing in the Menu and all will be revealed. Thousands of members on Thyroid UK forum use these companies as it is the only way to get a diagnosis and to monitor the treatment. Sad but true - and having a quick read around the posts there you will see what I mean. Over 93,000 members too !


Really hope you can have some answers - but do not expect your GP to be too clued up on it all. The above website will prepare you for the discussion you may need to have with your GP.

Hi MH 30 - these are new drugs not prescribed where I live but if you look at drugs.com there is information on drug interactions, and drug side effects. It shows foods which may react so that the drugs won't breakdown in the liver such as grapefruit.

Have you had any other health tests including vitamins and iron levels? B12 deficiency and low iron can sometimes make you very depressed. Other tests such as thyroid and diabetes are linked to depression and can make it worse .The drugs seem to be too heavy for you to take together so if it were me I would go back and have some general health tests, and say you these drugs are not suiting you, as you have no quality of life at all, with the exhaustion.

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