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Neuropathic Pain & Medical Grade Marijuana


I was diagnosed with Neouropathy over 85% of of my body. The numbness was bad enough but the neuropathic pain was unbelievable. The pain had now interupted my life. No driving, hard to walk. I felt like I was on a slippery slope and didn't know when it was going to STOP!!!!!!!!!!, It was suggested to try the CBD Oil, I did and with two day the pain was going away, now Gone..Now I have no pain BUT am left with the numbness and it is progressively getting worse......Once again--I HAVE NO PAIN.....just wobble a lot... any suggestions on trying to steady when self when constantly feel like I'm falling over.

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Hi, i also have polyneuropathy maybe caused B12 deficiency, but I think it is only an etiological cause...i have heard a lot about CBD oil, mainly positive effects it has and it does not reverse Neuropathy, only manages the pain. But it is a huge assistance for us...

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