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peripheral nuropathy

Hi feel your talking about me...no fun is it..had the tests.... all say the same ..no cure.. On Lyrica at the moment knocks me out tired ,cannot think straight , depressed ..not what I expected t the autumn of my life.. only went to Dr when I couldn't sleep for tingling after dancing (my social life ) and overbalancing in the shower left me vulnerable to a fall...supposed to take 2 a day ..no way could I cope. I should try going back and discussing the options of relief ..there are a few but only work partially.. take the best option and as long as your on your feet you are better off than others who aren't and take good care of the toes.. wear shoes ALL the time. and cream them with lotion to keep them soft.wide shoes to give you comfort. trendy white socks look cute if slightly odd , but then if that's what you have to do to keep the freezing feet warm so be it good luck

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Have you been tested for coeliac disease? That can cause peripheral neuropathy in some cases.


I have tried lyrica for 6 weeks.suffered with confusion & memory loss.gave it up.waiting to see Dr.for further trial on something else

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