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Teenagers with FND?

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My daughter is 13 and recently diagnosed with FND. Are there any other teenagers on this platform or mums of these teenagers? I think it would really help my daughter to be able to share her experience with someone her own age.

At the moment she does that with my friend who has got MS because a lot of the symptoms they experience seems to be similar. But having FND in high school with pupils and teachers not understanding it is adding a whole different dimension to FND.

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I pray she finds someone her age if she desires that. Being able to talk to people who understand is vital for her, so if she comfortable talking to your friend she should continue.

After all the treatment I have had what I figure out works best is venting to my other fellow FNDers on her. Doctors can only do so much with me and can only help with certain symptoms.

I send peace,understanding, strength your way as the caregiver & mother of an FND patient. I do pray God send her at least one if not many at school who is understanding of her diagnosis in Jesus name. 🙏😁❤🌻🧘‍♀️

I'm a teen on here, although I'm 16! I first started displaying symptoms when I was 13, and I'm glad you're reaching out to find other teens her age with FND.

My teachers, peers, and my parents too also didn't understand FND and it had a huge effect on me that's left a lasting impact. At times it felt like their lack of understanding, and distrust in that, was worse than the disorder itself. I can't emphasize this enough, but thank you for being there for her. It's a very intimidating experience, but having a parent as an ally is huge.

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Do you know of any support groups online?

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dovedovedove in reply to FND-mum

Only this one, sadly. I was considering making my own to make up for the lack of them online.

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maddi_hc in reply to FND-mum

Functional Neurological Disorder for Kids and Teens on Facebook.

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Cintya1994 in reply to FND-mum

Hello there I am not a teenager, but I suffering from the same problemI attended a group on Facebook called functional neurological disorder Uk.

They are very supportive

hey, I know its different at every school, but what is it like when people see you having strange movements? I just started this whole crap show and am going to school in a week, and am incredibly nervous... any suggestions?

tween mom here, facebook has a group called young FND fighters. Look it up! maybe that is what you are looking for!

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thank you for that will check them out

Hi I am 17 and have fnd. I have also been looking for friends to talk too about having FND. You can message me on here? To talk more.

I'm 15, going to be a sophomore in highschool. I went through a big episode Freshman year and couldn't walk for months, I think that is when it struck my teachers that what I have is serious. Many still don't take me or my symptoms seriously (I have a couple other medical conditions). Don't let you daughter close down on you, healthy communication is very important.

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The not being able to walk episode helped a bit. But teachers asking her to pay attention when she is dissociating, say take your arm support off because it writes easier (when her hands are weak and under a 90 degree angle with arms} or say 'F*$k that' under their breath when she asks to cut the chicken in food tech, copy her stammer when she has speech problems etc don't help. Also the Special Needs Coordinator saying don't I understand that people with a physical disability need their attention first (?????) doesn't help.....

Anyway my daughter and I fight it together and make jokes about it too to keep things in perspective. School didn't deal very well with my son who has a sleeping disorder but after 2 years of constantly explaining and 'educating' school they now know how to deal with it and that is what we hope will happen for my daughter too.

Ik ben zelf wel iets ouder als u dochter (25) ik weet hoe het is om niet te worden. Zelf heb ik in april de diagnose functienele neurologische stoornis gekregen.

Hi Zwabber Ik ben nederlands maar mijn dochter spreekt geen nederlands. Als je wilt kan ik wel met je praten of emailen.

hello! I was recently diagnosed with FND. I am 16, and have way more issues haha. I would totally be up to talk to your daughter about this weird experience if you and her are up for it!

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