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Gluten and fnd


Has anyone had any success with removing gluten from diet? My daughter has been diagnosed with fnd. She was unable to walk having list all feeling in hef lower legs and hands are affected also, but her abdominal pain is constant, her stomach to pelvic area is always very sensistive to touch and her exhaustion and pain is constant. Shes 18 and i feel desperate for her. There MUST be help or answers. Every time we end up in hospital i get angrier with the doctors dismissive sympathy. I just wonder about something like gluten but maybe im just hopeful it could be something so simple.

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Sorry to hear your daughter is struggling, I also struggle with similar symptoms and have recently discovered I maybe lactose intolerant or have a dairy allergy. It seems that with FND dairy and gluten allergies seem to become a regular thing. I have looked into the FODMAP food plan which cuts out gluten and dairy so is quite difficult to do but maybe worth a try. Hope she has some improvement. X


Does your daughter have IBS symptoms?

If so I suggest she tries fennel tea after every meal. Fennel helps the digestive system to digest food properly. I read in a book,people with IBS and many with FND have problems digesting food,causing all sorts of symptoms. Once I started drinking fennel tea, I felt a little better in a week, in 3-4 weeks I felt human again. You have to continue drinking it though, don’t think you’re cured - it back fires in a big way ☹️

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Ok thx. Up for all suggestions atm, makes sense. I guess you can buy fennel tea or do you brew your own? I think i used to have something like that for breastfeeding?? Or may be getting confused.


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You can buy fennel teabags in all supermarkets, there with the herbal teas.

Good luck!

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