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Does anyone else diagnosed with F.N.D suffer from changes to heat and cold temperatures outside?


Hi, I was diagnosed with F.N.D a year ago having hit my head under the stairs cupboard 3 years previously and suffered daily migraines which also affected my walking/gait until last year I was rushed twice to hospital with a suspected stroke to be discharged as a time waister.....eventually I got to see a neurologist and was diagnosed with F.N.D. I have sever tremors on the right hand side of my body which seem to be triggered by extreme senses, i.e. Loud noises, stress, extreme temperatures., fatique... of what I have read so far about it my symptoms are very similar to everyone else's but no one mentions that they are affected by outside temperatures. When I go outside and it's hot and it hits more than 23degrees my body starts to shake uncontrollably, the same happens with the cold. My speech goes, tremors on the right hand side of my body goes and sometimes it is extremely difficult to walk.....once I go back in doors where there is air conditioning or it is cooler my body goes completely back to normal. Does this happen to anyone else and if so does anyone have any top tips of how to cope with this. I have found wearing hats helps in the winter and summer but that's about it.

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