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MS and FND?

hi everyone! I am new here, and I am hopeful some of you guys can pass me some thoughts!

I am 21, and got diagnosed with RRMS in February last year. MRI shows lesions and while I had no oglial bands (or however those are spelled) my LP came back inconclusive. So I got diagnosed and put on copaxone.

I went and saw my Neuro on Tuesday, and she said I also have FND, or Conversion Disorder rather. But I am confused - can I have both? I mean, she's not taking my MS diagnosis away, she just says my brain scans look too good for the symptoms I am showing. To be clear though, I haven't called or said anything to them that would make it seem like I was relapsing, apart from my eyesight going worse. I've explained my dizziness, my leg weakness, and such, are still there but she says none of my symptoms except for a few are MS related. She even told me my heat intolerance is not related! She says though I am mostly FND with a little MS. But I don't get how I can be both? I have no resources, and I have been offered none.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Go to I think you will find members who will say co-morbidly diagnosis is common. It is unfortunate that you sometimes need such a serious diagnosis to get a treatment plan :(


Yes, you can have both MS and FND. Your brain's reaction to MS could cause FND.


Yep, as the other two have said dual diagnosis not uncommon - they may be linked or you may just be unlucky. Either way I would query your neurologist's certainty about being able to say which exact symptoms are MS and which FND. And you definitely want treatment of them anyway - many hugs - hope you get good care soon


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