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Jon Stone's webinar last night on fndhope

Hi Peeps

I "attended" the webinar. Excellent questions and .... I also appeared live asking my question. It was about administering pain relief during agonising seizures.

Anyhow, hubbie went down to my local GP today armed with a very short bullet point list I put together on FND and the partners are doing their Continuing Professional Development session on Tuesday on FND and are going to see if they can get Jon Stone along to speak to them.

Let's keep fighting.



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That sounds great Lou. I was listening too and thought it might be you from on here !

Find all these webinars so helpful and remind us all we are not alone with our struggles, with all the many many symptoms this throws up at us all.

Wishing you a good weekend

Lucy in Brighton


Where can one find out about these webinars? I regularly visit this platform but have not seen any announcement. Could someone point me in the right direction?

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Maybe it’s available somewhere for us?


Hi, if you go on the fndhope.org website, click on webinars in the menu. Then scroll down till you see the date of the next one announced. Click on register here and follow instructions. They said on Thursday night that there would be another webinar next month, so look out for the announcement.

Cheers, Dot


Thank you Dot! Brilliant.


Is it available somewhere? I miss it!



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