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FND (Conversion) and Complex - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - anyone else got both these rare disorders

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Hi Peeps

As you know I've got FND (Conversion) and Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). C-PTSD is distinct from the more commonly heard of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If you don't have it you really don't want to know how you come to get it. Is there anyone else out there who also suffers from both. Desperately trying to find another unicorn in this weird forest.



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Hello Louyse

I have DDNOS conversion disorder complex Ptsd and borderline personality disorder

I was collapsing and having seizures in front of family members.

Doctors could not find a solution but I have found a way to eliminate the symptoms.

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DNE92Moderator in reply to Rambo51

Hi. Looks like I’ve got another unicorn for company. Sorry that you are one too. I’m just laden down with meds and shrinks who don’t understand C-PTSD let alone its interaction with FND. Well that is when the NHS can be bothered getting me help. I have to pay for private therapy! Yet when I have whole body seizures (and they’re daily) I am not thinking about trauma. So I don’t buy in completely to the trauma causing seizures because the brain can’t cope. I developed C-PTSD as a child and so have lived with it all my life (I’m now 50) but my seizures started 5 years ago. Trauma may be a big part for some peoples’ seizures but it just doesn’t fit with me. But then there is still a lot of research needing to be done. I just don’t want researchers and doctors to say “trauma” and not open their minds to other causes.

Been great to meet you. Like the handle. It’s always a war everyday with C-PTSD. Cheers Lou

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Rambo51 in reply to DNE92

Hello Louyse

I will be seeing my psychologist tomorrow to propose a treatment plan

I have developed a system which has eliminated a conversion disorder response with my father.

Two weeks ago having collapses and seizure but after applying a technique

the seizures have been eliminated.

Memories are stored in traumatic compartments and can become stuck in that compartment.

These compartments in DID are called alters which some have identities for aggression, abandonment, protection,comfort, which have been placed on a dissociative chart.

The dissociation is connected with a memory and you get that memory and give it too a protective team of alters.

I now see my father no seizures.

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Cmb3210 in reply to Rambo51

Hi rambo...my wife has fnd since oct3 2016 ..we've come a long way but still have some problems.. Can u please explain how u eliminated symptoms...I'm always curious n always researching...thanks chris

Hi Louyse.

I am one of the very few people who is aflicted with CPTSD BPD and FND. I devoloped my motor nurological TIK about 20 years ago. This lived inside of me for the best part of 10 years. Until in 2013 I was diagnosed with CPTSD and BPD. I always kinda knew my tik was relaited to my troubles to function properly as a human being. But nobody i ever tried to speak to really ever gave a S**t about what I was trying to warn them all about. But since 2013 my life has been an absoloute nightmare living with these 3 vicious conditions. I start my DBT and MBT therapy in 2 weeks time and Quatiapin is finally working wonders for me !!!

Believe me. If anyone reading this knows like I do. These conditions are NOT to be taken lightley.

Last weeken I blacked out while watching the boxing in my local put and nearly gave myself a serious brain injury from the fall i took. And I habe no idea what heppend.

This looks quite old... but I just stumbled upon this post, feeling lost and alone so hoping someone is still watching it :)

I am newly Diagnosed FND though have been suffering undiagnosed for many years now wheelchair bound I also have CPTSD and BPD to go with it... I'm just not sure what to make of it all... somedays I feel like at least there is now a name and others like it's just a tag that says you are too hard and go away...

The specialist who diagnosed literally told me not to waste to hospitals time by going up when I had dissociative episodes which always leave me worse for weeks anymore as there is nothing they can do and to live with the pain. I should get off all my meds and get on with it.... not really much help at all. Nice to know there are others out there :)

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