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I went to see the psychiatrist this week and he has said he reckons i will be cured within a month to 2 months🤔...has anyone else been told this and it has been true or is he just telling me porkies...because to me sitting having a chat about how my childhood was like and how my family sounds a biy too easy..if i knew this i would speak to anyone about my life hoping i can be cured🙊

Thanks 🦄

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I suppose that it depends on whether there are any issues in your childhood that could have been the root cause of your problems.

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Thats the thing..there is nothing in my life that has caused me to be depressed..stressed..i seen a psychiatrist at the hospital and she said no there is no trigger that would cause this..then the nuerologist said it was my migranes..

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Yes, that is what I was afraid of.... It is illogical and highly unscientific to blame all of a persons ills on an incident in childhood that they cannot recall. The next step is Brainwashing and the implanting of false memories, that can then be blamed.

Psychiatrists and Neurologists should be ashamed of themselves and should go back to school if this is the best that they can come up with as this is Kwackery.

Illness has a cause. Even mental illness. If you can't find the cause then any treatment is a guess.

I hope that they can find something and help you Em. But don't let them bully you. Strength.

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There is always this persona of psychiatrists blaming everything on your past..i mean i had a normal, fun childhood..fair enough we wasnt well off but my parents made sure we got what we wanted to an extent..but it annoys me that they say its my migranes and then now its my past 😲..he even blamed my daughter for moving out to live with her boyfriend..and my husband for working offshore..thank you so much for answering my question..and yes i will be strong 💪..again thanks..😚

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Hi, 2 years 6 months I've been ill, like you I've been told migraine although I've never had one in my life, umpteen phsycologists have seen me and no underlying issues from my childhood although still they ask same old questions. Am finally going into hospital who specialises in FND at gt ormond street. We had to pay private to see nuerologists as my dr would not accept I was suffering from depression and anxiety. After getting to see professor Edwards, FND confirmed, no past issues, no depression other then being left like so many others to just get on with non existent life. Gt ormond street gave me hope, I go in the end of November. All I can say is whatever your told if you know it's not true to not accept it. We all end up with FND through so many different ways but to be told you suffer from things you don't have seems such a cop out from supposed professionals. Good luck to you and your family 😊

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Hi leesalou

Thanks for the comment, wow thats good news about going to see specialists, yeah we was thinking about going private but i just dont think they care up here in the NE Scotland, they just give u a leaflet..go see a psychiatrist and get medication, but am just not happy about being labelled as someone with "problems" mentally because i know thats not the case..i mean sone days i am fine..but the next im totally disabled..och..i dont know..ill just keep plodding along..but im not going to let that shrink put images in my brain that my childhood was traumatised..i hope all goes well with you..and keep in touch..and thanks again..sending love ❤ to you..

There is far too much variation in treatment and what we are being told by so called professionals, they are messing with our heads and our lives telling us things when they don't actually know what they are talking about !

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Ive only just been diagnosed with FND since august and i feel let down..i go to physio 2 times a week and its not helping..i get more support from my GP than the "professionals" i dont even know if my nuerologist wants to see me again..i just feel like am this way because i supposidly have some sort of truama which is rubbish cause i have had a good life so far..

I would be requesting for another person to assist you. FND is not a mental heath issue, it is a brain processing issue. Please review fndhope.org for more information.

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I thought it was strange..as the psychiatrist i seen at the hospital was like.."i can see your not stressed..depressed..your chatty and full of life"..now from the other "professional " i am extremely stressed and the surroundings in my work place gave me my symptoms as i worked in a carehome and..i am honestly at a crossroads and confused 😩..i dont know who i should believe..thanks confessing1689..❤

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I find it all totally bizarre and confusing and usually come out of my appointments feeling really angry as I get so fed up with all the conflicting advice and sometimes think if they would just stop for a moment and listen to the people with the condition they might actually learn something, it has been a horrible 14 months for me and any improvement is down to myself and some close family members not from a neurologist or psychiatrist they made me feel worse, fobbed off and let down. I was even told to stop asking why !!!

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I was the exact same..i felt like i needed to blame my family because they have made me this way..i havr had my symptoms since the beginning of the year..and i had to adapt and coped..my family is so supportive and are there for me..oh jeez thats a long time for you to struggle..but thats good your family are amazing..thanks for replying its good to chat to someone who actually undestands what u are going through..❤

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It certainly is as I even get comments from people saying oh my god you can't still be sick and I just look at them and think it's obvious they have no idea what we are going through. I have had fnd for a lot longer than anyone has realised and last August was meltdown when the horrendous seizures kicked off. Things are slowly improving but I don't believe I will ever be totally cured or completely symptom free but improvement and management of the condition are possible. It takes time and a lot of inner strength and courage but together we can do it 😊

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Oh me..ive not got the seizures but i go all funny and can hardly walk then i go in such a deep sleep its like im unconscious..it must be awful having seizures..it was my husband that noticed something was wrong..i just thought i was just "under the weather" and had a sore arm and leg because i did caring for years..but my memory was worse than someone with dementia..i did awful in the memory tests..and i was slurring and mixing up my words..but it was after i had a migraine..and ive had them for years but they have got really bad..yeah am finding my inner strength now..of course im having good and bad days..but more good now..in it together..☺ thank you for ure words of wisdom..its certainly cheered me up..😚

If a psychiatrist can say you will be cured in two months then I'd like a shot of his crystal balls 🔮 as he can see something nobody else can lol 😂

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Hi I’ve got a co-morbid mental health disorder (also rare and no-one a specialist in it - double whammy. Biggest prob with FND are my daily prolonged seizures. I’d dump the shrink (if you can). My experience is that I’ve never met one who is the sharpest tool in the toolbox and now just think that shrinks are shrinks because all other avenues in medicine were closed off to them. The ego is still there but not the intelligence. 😝

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Hi louyse

Thanks for the reply, and im so sorry to hear of ure diagnoses, hes honestly a twat, i cant believe he said that my daughter moving out and my husband being away was the cause..i am a bit slow sometimes and it wasnt until i came home and told my family etc and they were shocked, i was suppose to make an appointment to see him when i came out..but i totally bypassed the receptionist..the only good thing that came out of my appointment was my memory and cognitive test i got a better percentage..but thats the thing, 1 day im fine then the next am bambozzled..yeah you r right..if they cant find the cause, its your mental state and your childhood, its always your childhood.😨..hahaha..Xx

Hi I'm Chris...please listen...i want to help everyone i can n i really rather talk on the phone it's easier but anyway..my wife has fnd since oct3 2016...please just listen to the dr and psychologist and be open minded...don't get annoyed with me but your daughter and husband may very well be a part of where your fnd Comes from(maybe not)or could also be other things in your world....trust me talk about all your feeling and thoughts to whoever(psychologists..family)be honest with yourself and to whoever u talk to...i know it sounds wierd but trust me...dig deep let out any secrets and feelings u have that u may hide..or talk about things that make u angry that u may keep inside sometimes..things u get mad about But don't reveal..also look into cbt self help workbooks...ask psychologist about cbt too...mediation is also good...i also suggest u read books by Dr. Sarno(the mind body connection..and others he had..also look up youtube videos on sarno)..i say all this bc i want to help...my wife went from being in a wheelchair unable to walk at Penn hospital to fast forward a year later now she works at that hospital walking and talking normal..it's crazy to me to think where we were a year ago...it was the worst year of our life emotionally physically n financially...now we're making more money n things physically and emotionally have improved drastically(yes we still do have problems with fnd but she has improved like 80 percent....fnd is a hard thing for everyone to fully understand...patients...drs..researchers...everyone.. but all we can do is take the info we have and try to run with it n how hope for the best...think of this..if the dr said u had disease A B Or C n he prescribed u a pill or surgery would u listen and take it or do the surgery(sure u would...well it's the same with fnd...fully understand it can be stress on your body causing it..make sure u believe it100percent..it's important...(its like when u get nervous n u get butterflies...are there really butterflies in your belly...no...u are stressed and your body is converting the stress into a physical symptom...butterflies making your belly feel wierd) your body is just making your butterflies be times a 1000 thus making your symptoms be way more than belly pain...sometimes u need to hear this from the people standing outside looking in...sometimes we see what fnd patients can't see..i say all this out of love for everyone on here and everyone with fnd...i want to help everyone in the worstway...these past16months of my life with my wife and this fnd have been the strangest most life changing thing in the world for me and my wife and my3kids...please let me know how your doing....chris

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Hi Chris, thank you for your advice and hope. Our daughter started having seizures about 2 months ago. its been a hard road. I totally agree with your comments. I would love to know some of the places you found help. One day they will find the 'mind' and hopefully, many of these related issues can be cured. Until then we need to become aware of the connection between the mind and body and the connections between each other.


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