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Hi, I'm Melinda. I'm diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, functional movement disorder, and functional dysphonia. For me, the worst is the vocal cord disorder, functional dysphonia.

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Hi, thanks. I have a need to know, i'm heard. That's why I posted my vocal cord dysfunction, functional dysphonia, is the worst of all my diagnoses. People, in particular, some of my fellow residents (I live in an assisted living home) don't hear me, don't acknowledge me most of the time, that I am talking and I can and do talk. I am not whispering which I think some of the residents, don't believe and won't change that belief.

I am glad I found this site.

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Hi, sorry to hear of you're troubles. The most annoying for me is unpredictable going paralysed.. other then that I can't pin point.


It's the unpredictability of the involuntary movements that almost prevent me from going out, keeping dates with friends. I've cancelled many dinners and other celebrations because of fatigue (Sjogren's Syndrome) and also because of my fear that I would have an episode.


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