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Fnd & Hypothyroidism

Hi, thank you for your previous comments.

I am due to have a follow up blood test on Monday and I find myself five years down the Fnd line, hoping that hypothyroidism is confirmed. In my head I feel that I have blamed so much on Fnd and in turn the mountain that I feel I need to climb to escape its grasp is huge. Therefore, I hope that if I am able to section off and reduce at least some of its hard and draining symptoms to another hill or mountain, then defeating or at least managing to climb a proportion of it is achievable.

If it is confirmed, at least three of the common symptoms of hypothyroidism (and hopefully more), could attribute to my current disabling symptoms and in turn the medication for this should improve my everyday life.

I've got one week to wait until I next see my doctor and hopefully start my climb up the hill, strangely I can't wait!

Tc & I look forward to hearing from you all and updating you on the 11th. Xx

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If you haven't already been over to the thyroid community then when you get your results please do.

I'd also advise getting a print out of your blood test results and posting them as many GPS are not, shall we say, thyroid experts. I think it's ferritin, folate, b12 and vitamin D that are all crucial vitamins to be at 'optimum' levels and not just within the range.

Me now (on 75mcg levothyroxine) to me in November is like night and day. I sincerely hope you get the results that help explain things a bit better and get the medication to go with it. Best wishes x


Quick reply - are you following THE THYROID SECRET online programmes - google will be more help finding it than me! I believe it's Day 4 but due to it being non-GMT I'm muddled.

One of the symptoms....

I will be interested to know which tests you are having & what is offered. Natural (dessicated thyroid from pigs) seems to be favoured over synthetic by the medics on the prog. Lots of other suggestions - alternatives, are discussed.

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How did your test go? Anything helpful? x


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