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Herbal remedies

I have fnd and I'm currently looking into making my own supplements. I plan to make ginger, turmeric and chamomile supplements (I drink mint green tea but there is only so much extra you can integrate into meals). I have IBS symptoms including muscle spasms plus spasms in my limbs And neck. Unfortunately I have a history of ovarian cancer and everything I find to treat spasms seems contra indicated for female cancers. Does anyone know of anything I might be able to take? Any suggestions welcome and thanks in advance for your help X

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Sorry I don't have any advice. I personally have just started taking vitamin B and magnesium everyday based on other people's suggestions from this site. Hoping that helps but not sure whether this is any use x


No, I appreciate your reply and that is very helpful thank you. Any other perspective is welcome. I also have started taking vitamin B and magnesium. Only been taking for a week or so so probably to early to notice a difference I suppose. Good luck with yours though X

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