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Moving forward

Hey folks

Trust you are doing well as can be?

So other week, 27th June I had an interview.

I use to work full time in drug and alcohol rehab at a Christian organisation in Florida and then Nottingham, called teen challenge. Then I had car crash which left me in a mess.

So I've been off work unable to function etc but gradually made good progress with health and applied for a job with the Salvation Army at one of their hostels.

So I went for the interview and they called to say they were really impressed and offered me a job.

It's part time, just 15 hours a week , Saturday's and Sunday's which will be fine as have rest of the week to recover I guess lol

Must to try encourage you all, it's possible to get to a place of strength and "normality"... I know everyone is in different boats but I've got there through hard times and agonising times.

I'm living on own now, I go swimming couple times a week, gone from wheelchair to sticks... Back driving , now working part time

... Don't give up :)

God bless


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Hi Andy ...well done ! So chuffed for you. You really are an inspiration. I also live alone and it's pure self motivation that keeps us going eh. After 2 years I've just about ! Accepted that I need to further adapt my working life to being full time at home ....I'm planning restorative yoga, swimming too to stop me becoming isolated. But know it'll help me 'pace' myself with my left leg weakness and fatigue. Managing just to keep off my walking stick too ....good days and not so good days like us all I expect.

I bet your so relieved and sounds like you have a lot to give to people in your new role too. Best of luck Jane down in sunny Brighton !!


God is good 👍☺

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Hi Andy, I like to always check myself with is my cup half full or half empty. I see your on the half full side. We can always count our blessings no matter where we are in this life journey here. I have just been terribly sick for 3 months now and am just coming out on the other side. I now have hemifacial spasm to add to all the other, I look a sight, but I am happy. This life is not defined by what we have, but by who we can be where we are, I will praise my God no matter where this life journey takes me, until I am whole again back where I belong, in Heaven with my Lord. Good luck with the new job. :-)


Amazing how many people with faith are here. God is a faithful God and will get us through :)


Fantastic news. Well done and it is great to have work that gives you enough time to recover before starting again.

I started out working an hour a day and it's all I could manage but over the years have managed to increase my hours. I'm still part time and there are times when things get on top of me or I'll do something new or different and it will have a knock on effect with terrible fatigue for as long as it takes to feel good again.

My saying is keep on keeping on....


Wonderful news, Andy : )

Doing something you love, obviously excel at and getting paid for it too - what could be better ! Well done ! Angela x


Thanks for your kind words folks


What an inspirational story! You give others hope!




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