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hello to all, my name is leon, my partner has has received f.n.d. after a simple incident that happened back on june the 16th this year after reaching down to pick up her coffee cup from the stool she was sitting on having her lunch at work, that nite she had started to get pins @needles in both legs and they went numb, since then she had 3 weeks in public hospital then 2 weeks in burwood hospital here in christchurch nz, that was to help her learn to walk again , since she has been out of burwood july 21st there's been no help with any after care from anyone , thats including hospital , and gov departments , ie a.c.c. or winzs , and to make it worst she is on 32 tblets a day for pain relieve and still has falls , her legs just go out from underneath her and since this started has had 3 lots 12 stiches 2 in right arm and one lot in right leg , as she has been carrying things at the time , coffee cup etc, i believe 32 tablets a day is to many for anyone to be on , but her docter thinks otherwise , can anyone one out there with simular symtoms help or suggest on getting my partner get back to her old self , ....

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No stress, no pressure, unconditional support. A lot to ask of someone I know.

It's a horrid thing to have. Read all you can and get her onto neuro, or the Facebook group so that she can speak to people who understand.

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Hi Leon, I'm sorry to hear about your wife & that your family like mine, too has been affected by Fnd!

I collapsed randomly shortly after my 40th birthday & also after spending weeks in hospital was sent home with over 30 tablets & no support or definitive answers. It's a horrible condition & unfortunately I can't tell you it gets any better because in my case after 3 1/2 years, some parts of the disorder got worse.

The best bit of advice I can give is to speak to your Gp & discuss trying Pregablin as a substitute to many of the meds she is currently taking. My doctors found it essential to reduce the number/combination of tablets as these in their own right caused very severe symptoms & it was necessary to find out what was meds caused or unfortunately what my conditions had gifted to me.

With my situation I found that Pregablin has removed a huge amount of my symptoms, protected me from the non epileptic seizures & reduced the regularity of my paralysis. It's worth considering?? I now only take 6 tablets (including morphine for my pain) 3 times daily but the thought of not taking Pregablin & now is very scary. Fnd gives such a lot of problems, we don't need medication causing any more!

I do hope she stabilises very soon & that you & your family get some support. Feel free to keep in touch, we may be the other side of the world but we are in the same boat! Take care of yourself. Nicola X


Go to the website you will find heaps of good information there then join the fndhope facebook group, you will also find a carers group there and an Australia and New Zealand group. They have been a great support to me for many years. Look forward to seeing you there.

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Sorry to hear this. I have FND too but it affects me differently. Will pray for everyone here. God bless.

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I can tell you there are no medications specifically for FND, only to relieve certain symptoms. I'd suggest joining our Facebook group and via that, the Australian/New Zealand one. This will put you in touch with other FNDers in your own area to provide support and information relevant to yourselves. Click on the "Join Facebook Group" button on the homepage at

Best wishes to you both. You are not alone!!


thankyou all who have replyed i have read these and have passed on to my fiancee we are much appreciated.


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