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Hi everyone. I'm a Triathlete and Runner with FND

Attempting to complete Olympic distance triathlon and endurance Running events regularly while coping with FND symptoms is a fine balance and I'm not even close to balancing anymore... I keep overdoing it and then not being able to function for a few days after an event... even training is getting difficult.. determination and pure pig headed stubbornness is just about getting me through each day but when I have a week off training the FND symptoms get worse...any ideas?

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Hi firstly well done for what you are doing for awareness of fnd and for keeping on going maybe instead of stopping completely on week of training continue to a bit each day not to the extent of your normal training day so your body doesn't come to a standard still it maybe worth a try and it may not work it's just a suggestion I wish you luck and health


I am recently diagnosed and started running 9 weeks ago. I'm up to 4 miles and I have similar issues. I last ran 7 days ago but symptoms have prevented me training this week. I'm hoping to get out tonight.



Hi. I think one of the hardest things for all of us to get right is pacing e.g. getting the balance right between activity and rest. Most of us are pretty determined people who want to get on with our lives and so we push ourselves on our good days and then regret it for the next two or three days. I'm not a runner so can't really advise you but perhaps you could take a good look at your training programme and see if there is a way you can adjust it so that it takes more account of your conditions ups and downs? I also wonder if a sports physiotherapist could give you some hints and tips?


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