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Rnd get worse / get better ?

I have the following

Fybromyalgia osteoarthritis, diebetes, symptomatic dyographizam, Functional neurological Disorder, depression and non epeleptic seziures, and a herniated disc lower spine !

When I was recently told I have fnd , the neurologist said hopefully with connective behavioural treatment you can hopefully improve .

Somebody I know in my local are has also been recently diagnosed with FND, by a different neurologist, she was told it's a condition that will definitely over time determinate, which is correct ?

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Hi it is a very confusing and misinterpreted condition but I can say that compared to last year when I started having seizures and my system went into meltdown I am a lot better and I am very slowly improving. However I do believe I have actually had it for many years but never as bad as it has been over the last year and although I do believe you can improve I don't believe it ever leaves you but goes into some kind of remission.

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I was told that recovery is possible and the specialists I've seen have been noticeably upbeat and optimistic, however at the moment I would say my condition has deteriorated since I saw my neurologist....I also have had this for some time but wasnt aware, I had a period of the same symptoms for around 5 years which got better through time and alternative therapy...maybe for some of us the pattern is periods of symptoms followed by remission?? On a positive note some members of the FND Facebook pages advise they have recovered completely 🤔


Recovery is definitely possible. For some people that means being symptom free, for others that means getting better control of their symptoms and being able to have a better quality of life. Sometimes people's symptoms get worse before they get better. The trick is to find the techniques or combination of things that work for you. Check out our website for ideas. Looking after your general well being such as eating properly, drinking plenty of water and doing things that you enjoy all help as does talking to others who really understand what you are going through in communities like this one.