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I don't want to put anyone off having the prostate remove but plz be prepared to have incontinence for while I thought you going to be inconsistent vfor a short time how wrong i was .you will have good days when you don't are in control but here are days when you are not but keep doing the exercises . it's helps than you have to face if you going get a erection again at present .I haven't but it still early days it been only 6 weeks since the opparation. .one day I will so if have not had erection for a while after the opparation plz post how long you been like it

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Hi--There's still plenty of time for lots of improvement after six weeks, so don't get too discouraged! If you've had some improvement with the incontinence you will almost certainly have more improvement, some people continue to have improvement for a year or even more. And as far as the erections--I hope your doc has you on some kind of maintenance Viagra (or other drug) dose or has at least talked with you about that as a possible strategy as well as others. Good luck with it all--it takes a lot of guts and even more patience!


I chose the operation and don't regret it, there were distinct advantages for me. Six weeks after the op is early days. Unfortunately, it's hard to predict how incontinent men are going to be and for how long. I was told I would be "in floods" by a consultant. He was wrong! It can take at least a year to et to the point where you don;t need pads, but if you're still having to use them after 2 years then you should be concerned.

Also consider this - we tend to consider urine as being "dirty". It isn't. It sounds disgusting, but you can in fact drink it. Not recommended because urine is the body's way of getting rid of stuff that's toxic and if you KEPT drinking it, you're just putting the stuff back. However it is the most sterile of body fluids. Also it's slightly acidic so it makes a good antiseptic! It does stink though and that';s because the main toxin in it, Urea, breaks down into ammonia, (which is really toxic).

The erectile dysfunction is very variable, there's lots of factors affecting it. I hope your prostatectomy was "nerve sparing". If it wasn't, your chances of erectile recovery are not good. 6 weeks is also early days for this. You should however start therapy NOW. Take the Viagra, or whatever you're prescribed. I should also ask for a vacuum pump and proper instructions on its use. Get a good medical one, not a cheap one. A good one is expensive e.g. 150 GDP or more. Part of the dysfunction may be psychological so at some point seek psychosexual counselling.

The good news for me is after using Daily Low Dose Cialis, the vacuum pump and having psychosexual counselling, I have confidence that I can have spontaneous erections whenever I need one, but it took just over 2 years to get to that point.

Don;t give up! I chose surgery rather than radiation, because if surgery fails, you can have salvage radiation. Not so vice versa. I.e. there's no Plan B

Good luck


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