We are all different

Hi Ladies

I intermittently pass by and check in when I can or feel ok too, sometimes just offer some words of luck or sorry to those that have had positives, negatives and wobbles and pain.

I see alot of questions us about what did u do...

It's more of what you do as an individual what may work for 1 may not work for the other, I may have gone to the gym everyday and got a BFP and some others may have stayed at home and watched box sets and got A BFN

We are all on different roads hoping for the same outcome and a healthy baby or babies at the end of our journey that we do have in common.

Just remember that each of us our different hoping for the same dream but our paths to get their are individual.

I wish all starting smooth sailing.

All on EC a good amount of follicles

All on ET a smooth transfer

All in the 2ww a BFP

All that are in pain I can tell you it doesn't go away, but getting by a minute by minute of each day helps anything else may be too much and slowly there is light at the end of the tunnel,the dark doesn't last forever...

Take your time to heal and remember that before ivf you were you and life was as it was and after ivf you will be changed and stronger than ever before because this journey tests every bit of faith and endurance we have and somehow we still have faith and hope and dreams xxx

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  • A lovely post Tamtam, hope you're ok xx

  • Its well said Tamtam1!

    Hope you and your other half are ok guys! Xxxxx

  • Hear hear Tamtam1 xx

  • Lovely and so true xxx

  • So true, hope you are ok xx

  • So well said Tamtam. Thinking of you and I continue to admire your strength xx

  • Lovely words x

  • ❤️️

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