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Scan next week 27th

So the hospital just rang and my scan is next week I'm scared now!! I keep having what my GP said are irrrational thoughts 😐🤔☹️😕 About the loss of one of the twins or even worse scenario both of them and the pregnancy has just vanished the anxiety is horrendous and I don't consider myself an anxious person!! I'm glad I'm going back to work Monday at least my mind will be occupied in some capacity sorry just felt needed to come on here!

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Hang in there honey, one day at a time, one breath at a time, one hurdle at a time💕


Your gp sounds like an arse😉

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What you are feeling is very natural after everything, certainly not irrational. I'm 18 weeks and every scan has seen a near meltdown and anxiety for weeks leading up to it. I used to be a very stoical person!

Remember symptoms come and go, plus there is no way of 'knowing' anything. Dig deep and keep your mind occupied, fingers crossed all is well xx

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Your thoughts aren't irrational at all!

I'm 30 weeks pregnant in Saturday and I'm not going to breathe a sigh of relief until I'm holding my boy In my arms!

We've had drama from the start with this one, six years in the making and a couple of scares at 20 weeks and 27 weeks.

When you've got something that's so prescious you've worked so hard far your automatic reaction is to worry your going to have that taken away from you. Your a human being, of course it's terrifying!

Your GP sounds like he could do with a refresher course in tact and understanding😡

Your doing the right thing, keeping busy. Definatly helped me 😊


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Thanks everyone! It's nice to get some reassurance and folk on the same page! Xx


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